Introduction to Windchill PLM for ATC

  • Course designed by selecting relevant topics from entire Windchill PLM course contents library
  • Course covers Introduction to the Windchill Environment, Locating Information, navigation into Windchill, search functionality & Creo CAD Data Management, visualization capacities using Creo View, overview of the change management
  • Course also covers Windchill MCAD Data Management Process
    • Manage Design Data
    • Working with CAD Data
    • Introduction to Visualization
    • Change Implementation

Course Name Duration (in Hours) Modules/Topics
Windchill 100
  • Introduction to the Windchill Environment
  • Locating Information
  • Viewing Information
  • Windchill MCAD Data Management Process Overview
  • Manage Design Data
  • Manage CAD Data
  • Working With CAD Data
  • Introduction to Visualization
  • Using Creo View Lite to View and Annotate Information
  • Creating and Managing Documents
  • Change Management Process Overview
  • Change Implementation
  • Managing Your Work

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