PTC ThingWorx for IoT Developer

  • Overview of Internet of Things and smart, connected products
  • Importance of IoT platform for developing IoT applications
  • Utilizing ThingWorx to model applications that communicate with smart, connected things.
  • Modelling solutions using things, thing shapes, and thing templates & combining them into mashups (Web pages).
  • Adding functionality to your things using properties, services, to automate tasks & communicate with external data sources.
  • Course also covers basic understanding of ThingWorx connectivity.

Course Name Duration (in Hours) Modules/Topics
ThingWorx 80
  • Module 1: IoT Fundamentals
  • Module 2: ThingWorx Fundamentals
  • Module 3: ThingWorx Modeling
  • Module 4: ThingWorx UI Development
  • Module 5: ThingWorx Connectivity Basics
  • Module 6: Creating Your Own Application

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