Creo 5.0 for Design Engineer

  • Specially designed course by selecting relevant topics from PTC University's exhaustive course contents library
  • Comprehensively covering topics as required by current industry needs.
  • Encompasses modules such as Part Modeling, Assembly, Drawing.
  • Also covers certain Advanced Topics like Sheetmetal, Advanced Assembly Design & others.
  • Course duration is designed such that students get more than adequate Hands-on experience

Course Name Duration (in Hours) Modules/Topics
Creo for Design Engineers 108
  • Getting Started (module)
  • Documenting and Formatting (module)
  • Entering and Editing Math (module)
  • Variables (module)
  • Functions (module)
  • Range Variables (module)
  • Controlling Calculations (module)
  • Vectors and Matrices (module)
  • Units (module)
  • 2-D Plotting (module)
  • 3-D Plotting (module)
  • Boolean Conditions (module)
  • Symbolics (module)
  • Solving (module)
  • Programming (module

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